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Konsep Revolusi Menurut Marxisme Ortodox Dan Komunikasi (Komparasi Dalam Tinjauan Filsafat Poltik) = Concept of Revolution According to Orthodox Marxism and Communism (A Comparison Study in Political Philosophy' Perspect
Pengarang : Aryaning Arya Kresna, Misnal Munir
Jurnal : Humanika 2005, XVIII(1)
Tahun : 2005
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRACT
This research is an effort to analyze differences between the Communism and Orthodox Marxism' concept of revolution. This research proceeds through describing each standpoints and arguments that supporting their concept of revolution. The material objects of this research are Kautsky's standpoint as the leader of Orthodox Marxism, and Lenin's standpoint as the main man of Communism. The formal object of this research is a political philosophy' perspective as a paradigm that being used to examined revolution concept that forwarded by Lenin and Kautsky in order to gain a new understanding about their concepts of revolution.
This research is using philosophical hermeneutic method, which is the method to understands the Lenin and Kautsky' works, the polemic along with text on debate between them. Kautsky and Lenin' works are examined through interpretation method. The results are compared, especially between Kautsky' thoughts on democracy and deterministic tendencies in the poverty of capitalism, against Lenin' voluntaristic tendencies in imperialism, proletariat' conscience and vanguard party concepts. These opinions are wholly described so a new understanding of differences between each thought can be achieved.
The result of this research is a wholly and fundamental understanding about the revolution concepts that brought by Orthodox Marxism and Communism. Revolution according to Orthodox Marxism is a modern democracy as a cheap and easy controlling mechanism to the power of class and state, while according to Communism revolution is a violence conflict followed by a new arising dictatorship, as a manifesto of Lenin will to power.

Keywords: revolution - historical determination - imperialism - vanguard party - Orthodox Marxism - Communism
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