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Pengelolaan Sub Daerah Aliran Sungai Ciliwung-Cisadane Dan Pengaruhnya terhadap Pola Hydrograf Aliran Di Bendung Katulampa Dan Empang(The Ciliwung-Cisadane Sub River Basin Management And Its Influnce To The Flow ...)
Pengarang : Rachmad Jayadi , Djoko Legono
Jurnal : Media Teknik 2003, XXV(3)
Tahun : 2003
Summary / Kata Kunci : It has been understood that the intensive development of the land utilization to meet the better welfare will in turn create problems due to considerable increase of flow in river system. Attempts should then be made to introduce quantitative analysis to study the possible consequences that may arise as resulted from a certain river basin management.
This paper deals with the study of the influence of a certain scenario of river basin management to the flow hydrograph at the corresponding control point. The distributed model of hydrology is introduced by utilization of HECHMS computer software. Two sub river basins have been selected as the objects under study, i.e., the Ciliwung and Cisadane sub river basin, which is claimed as the river system highly contribute Jakarta flood. The related control points to be used to analyze the flow hydrograph are Katulampa and Empang, for the sub river basin of Ciliwung and Cisadane respectively. The flow hydrograph being studied is separated into two focuses, i.e., the peak flow and low flow behavior.
The results show that the change of the land use from 50% of the available forest into human settlement in the Ciliwung and Cisadane sub river basin may increase 13.00% and 46.90% of peak flow at Katulampa and Empang respectively. On the other hand, the reforestation of 50% of the available do; land of the Ciliwung and Cisadane sub river basin may decrease 8.10% and 1.80% of the peak flow at Katulampa and Empang respectively. The results also show that the performance of low flow generally increase 5.21% due to the change of land use (from settlement into forest), and decrease 0.67% due to the change of land use (fi•om forest into do; land). These demonstrate that the management of land use and its corresponding flow hydrograph could be studied prior to the selection of the design of the land use pattern
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