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Oksidasi Larutan Sodium Sulfida Udara Menggunakan Katalisator Layang Batubara
Pengarang : Ani Purwani, Sarto
Jurnal : Media Teknik 2004, XXVI(1)
Tahun : 2004
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRAK
The research of sodium sulphide oxidation in the presence of coal fly ash as catalyst has been studied. This oxidation is carried out by heating an aqueous sodium sulphide in the heated reactor to reach the desired temperature. The catalyst is added and the air is sparged into the solution. The homogenity of the solution is maintained with the help of a mechanical agitator at a stirring speed of 400 rpm. Samples of the reaction mixture are withdrawn from the heated reactor at known time intervals and analyzed for sulphide content. The experiment with the initial concentration of 0.1194 gmol/L sodium sulphide shows that the effect of temperature on the gas-liquid mass transfer coefficient (k,ag) and overall coefficient (kh) are :
1. the rate of oxygen diffusion from gas to liquid is more dominant then overall rate of oxygen diffusion from liquid to the catalyst surface and chemical reaction in catalyst surface.
2, the temperature affect the gas-liquid mass transfer coefficient (k,ag) and overall coefficient (kh) follow the exponensial equation below :
k,a g = 1352 .5276 .exp — 2332 .9024 and
T k„= 61.5383. exp( —1075.2721 ).
The experiments with time variation find that the value of gas-liquid mass transfer coefficient (k,ag) is 0.8998 min-1 and the overall coefficient (kh) is 2.2708 min-1. From the catalyst loading, it is seen that increase in loading result in enhanced the total catalyst surface so it will increase the possibility of surface reaction.
Keywords: oksidasi sodium sulfida, Katalisator abu, batubara
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