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Efek antikanker pentagamavunon-0 (PGV-0) terhadap sel kanker payudara T47D yang diinduksi 17-b-Estradiol melalui mekanisme induksi apoptosis dan penghambatan angiogenesis = The anticancer effects of Pentagamavunon-0 ...
Pengarang : N.A Nurulita, Meiyanto, E.
Jurnal : Sains Kesehatan 2006, XIX(1)
Tahun : 2006
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRAK
Pentagamavunon-0 or PGV-0 [2,5-bis-(4'-hydroxy-3'-methoxy-benzylidene)-cyclopentanone], was determined on its cytotoxicity, antiproliferative, and antiangiogenesis effects in comparation to the effect of its analogue, curcumin (l,7-bis-(4'-hydroxy-3'-methoxyphenyl)-l,6-heptadiena-3,5-dion) against 17-P-estradiol (E2) induced human breast cancer cells T47D.
MTT assay was used for measuring the cytotoxic and antiproliferative effects. Apoptotic effect of T47D cells as a result of PGV-0 and curcumin treatments could be seen by ethidium bromide-acrydin orange doublestainning method. Imunocytochemistry method was used to determine p53, Bcl-2, Bax, VEGF, and COX-2 proteins expression.
The results showed that PGV-0 and curcumin possesed cytotoxicity effect againts T47D cells with IC 6,85 \iM and 19,83 uM, respectively. Both compounds showed an antiproliferative properties as indicated by the prolongation of the doubling time. PGV-0 had cytotoxic and antiproliferative properties better than curcumin. PGV-0 induced apoptosis at lower concentration than that of curcumin, as showed with ethidium bromide-acrydin orange doublestainning. The increasing of p53 and Bax and decreasing of Bcl-2 expressions, might have a relationship with apoptosis. PGV-0 had antiangiogenesis properties stronger than curcumin. It was showed by decreasing of VEGF and COX-2 expressions.

Keywords: PGV-0, curcumin, T47D, 17-b-estradiol, antiproliferative, apoptosis, angiogenesis
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