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Nyeri punggung bawah studi Epidemiologi, patofisiologi dan penanggulaan
Pengarang : Jan S. Purba, Ashwin M. Rumawas
Jurnal : Berkala Neuro Sains 2006, VII(2)
Tahun : 2006
Summary / Kata Kunci : Low back pain (LBP) is a major clinical and public health problem and is the most common cause of disability among younger adults under age 55. Epidemiological study has found that about BO% of people ranging in age from 30 to 59 years (i.e. during their most productive years), at some time in their life have LBP syndrome. We surveyed the patients who visited Pain Clinic at the polyclinic Neurology of the National Hospital (Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo) Jakarta in the time from 1d May to 30th May 2002. Subjects were 742 patients in age from 8-78 years (50 + 15.55). Results indicated that LBP were found 116 patients (15.6%) and the most frequently case 258 patients (34.8%) were cephalgia (tension type headache and migraine).

Key words: Low back pain, Pain, NSAIDs, HPA axis, Neuropatic
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