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Pengaruh Kekentalan Larutan Air-Cmc Terhadap Fenomena Flooding Pada Pipa Miring
Pengarang : Wibawa Endra Juwana, Indarto
Jurnal : Media Teknik 2002, XXIV(2)
Tahun : 2002
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRAK
This research is carried out to investigate the effects of the viscosity of the water - CMC (carboxymethylcellulo solution to the flooding phenomenon in a countercurrent flow liquid and gas on an inclined pipe. The test section is o plexiglass pipe with 24-mm diameter, 1500 mm length and 10' inclined to the horizontal. The experiments of the floodin; carried out in six different liquid viscosities. Liquid enters the test section through bellmouth type inlet and jiQ downward, the air is introduced at the bottom of the test section and flows upward.
The results of the research show that the flooding phenomenon occurs earlier in higher liquid viscosity. The pressu difference in the test section and in the vertical pipe section above liquid injector decrease as the liquid viscosity beg, higher. The research shows that the flooding phenomenon always begins with an unstable wave growth.

Key word : flooding, inclined pipe, viscosity, slug.
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