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DERAJAT INTEGRITAS DI KALANGA N KELOMPOK PERTEMANAN Studi Keterlibatan Relawan di Hotline Service Bersama) Degree of Integrity Among Peer Groups The Study Involvement of The Volunteers in
Pengarang : Sudaru Murti, Sunyoto Usman , Rahardjo
Jurnal : Berkala Penelitian Pasca Sarjana 1997, X(1)
Tahun : 1997
Summary / Kata Kunci : The study aims at investigating degree of integrity among peer groups, and finding factors relating with the volunteer motivation within the groups. These factors are: sex, type of occupation, marital status, alienation, actualization, social care, and time allocations towards the involvement of volunteer within the peer groups.To realize the aims, a study was carried out on certain peer groups known as "Hotline Service Bersamd' through a hotline service located in Jakarta Special Territory. The peer groups have their headquarter at Kebayoran Baru (South Jakarta) and their branches at Harmoni (Central Jakarta) and at Ongko Mulyo Hospital, East Jakarta.The number of volunteer are 69 respondents, consisting of active volunteers of the upper middle class in social structure, and who lived distributedly in JABOTABEK. Data collection and information were obtained by using questionnares, indepth interview as well as participatory observation on the peer groups activities, and also using secondary data. These data were analyzed using frequency distribution and cross tabulation.The study shows that judging from the involvement of volunteers, there is combination of mechanic and organic forms of integrity. The involvement of the volunteers is considerably rational in nature caused by the influence of the mutualistic symbiosis of the human needs. These differences vary relatively, which could be observed from the motive of the combined volunteers and their socio-demographic differences which are relatively strong. This could be observed on its aims, i.e., as a volunteers on one hand, and a volunteer as well as member of the "Hotline Service Bersama" on the other. In thestudy, the active volunteers are an impact of the expansion of the city which is cyclic in nature caused by the influence of urbanization.The study explains a strategy to maintain adaptive attitude to drive away the feeling of loneliness amidst the bustling and the tight competitive atmosphere. The study also means as an alternative of the needs of the function of affection which is not to be found in urban family life.

Keyword: degree of integrity - motivation - involvement ofvolunteer - peer group).
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