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Permintaan tenaga kerja pada sektor industri pengolahan di Propinsi Jawa Tengah = Demand for Labor in Industrial Manufacturing Establishment in Central Java Province
Pengarang : FX. Sugiyanto dan Sudarsono
Jurnal : Berkala Penelitian Pasca Sarjana 1991, IV(1)
Tahun : 1991
Summary / Kata Kunci : Most studies on labor market have been conducted particularly concerning supply aspect of labor market. This study is designed to estimate demand for labor in industrial manufacturing establishments in Central Jawa Province. Data resources of this research are Annual Survey of Large and Medium Industrial Manufacturing Establishments (Survey Tahunan Industri Besar dan Sedang). All of the data are publications of the Central Bureau of Statistics.(BPS).
The main objective of this study is to obtain information on the dominant factors that influence the demand for labor in industrial manufacturing. The content of this research report encompasses the result of the excercise analyzed, the conclutions of the study and the policy implication of the empirical findings.
The study indirwrmt that wage rate and output value are dominant factors that determine demand for labor behavior, besides points put that in many industrial classifications with the higher employment elasticity will cause the lesser productivity of labor.
Result findings indicate that employment elasticity is not solely a decisive parameter in policy making, yet it is necessery to take into account other parameter such as productivity of labor.

Keywords: growth -- employment elasticity -- productivity -- wage rate
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