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PERAN STATUS IDENTITAS EGO DAN STATUS USIA REMAJA KEMBAR TERHADAP PERKEMBANGAN SOSIAL The Role of Ego Identity Status and Age Status of Twin Adolescents on Social Deveropment
Pengarang : Hilda Irmawaty, Sartini Nuryoto
Jurnal : Berkala Penelitian Pasca Sarjana 1997, X(2)
Tahun : 1997
Summary / Kata Kunci : This research analyzes the role of ego identity status and age status of twin adolescents on social development which includes the peer group, friend and heterosexual relationship.The subjects of this research are members of Indonesians NakulaSadewa Twins Association resides in East Java and in Yogyakarta. Their ages were 12 to 21 years old. There are 34 subjects (17 pairs) of early adolescent (12-17 years old), and 22 subjects (11 pairs) of late adolescent twins (1821 years old).Instrument used in this research are questionaires concerning the ego identity, the relationship of peer group, friend and heterosexual.The data are analyzed by Two way Analysis of Variances, Chi Square with two way classification and Serial Corelation. The results showed that there were no role of ego identity status and age status of twin adolescent to peer group, friend and heterosexual relationship (F = 0,221; F = 0,084; = 1,404; r = 0,257; p > 0,05).

Key words: ego identity status, age status, social development, adolescent twin.
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