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Distribusi Sedimen Suspensi Pada Aliran Seragam Dengan Dan Tanpa Angkutan Sedimen Dasar
Pengarang : Zainuddin Muchtar, Bambang Agus Kironoto
Jurnal : Teknosains 2003, XVI(1)
Tahun : 2003
Summary / Kata Kunci : Sediment transport in river, either suspended or bed load transport is very important and needed in river works. The Researchs done by many researchers showed that there is an interaction between bed load and suspended sediment, in which the increasing of bed load transport is usssualy followed by the increasing of suspended sediment. Based on this, the characteristics of suspended sediment on flow, both with and without bed load transport are studied here.
The study was done by measuring flow velocity and suspended sediment concentration in laboratory, both for uniform flows either with bed load transport and without bed load transport, in the range of aspect ratio (b/D) 2.99 < b/D < 6.74. Elektromagnetic Currentmeter probe VMT-200 was used for flow velocity measurement and Foslirn probe-set 4M 110N was used for suspended sediment concentration measurement.
The result shows that the velocity distribution on flow with bed load transport yields a more opened (fuller) than that without bed load transport. The constant Br value (in the logaritmic velocity distribution) on uniform flow without bed load transport is 8.5 ± 5 %, while for uniform flow with bed load transport, the Br-value tend to rise but still in the range of scattered given by the literature (8.5 ± 15 %). Distribution of suspended sediment for flow without bed load transport can be approached by using Rouse equation as well as by Tanaka & Sugimoto equation, while for flow with bed load transport, Tanaka & Sugimoto equation tends to have a better prediction than the Rouse equation. Distributions of turbulence intencity on flow with and without bed load transport show smaller value than Nezu & Rodi equation and Kironoto equation for clean water, in which the increasing of bed load transport, the turbulence intencity tends to decrease. Straub formula (1945) and Atmodjo & Kironoto formula (2001) developed for uniform flow without bed load transport can still be used on flow with bed load transport with the errors 5.1 % and 4.5 %, respectively.

Keyword : velocity distribution, suspended sediment concentration, turbulence intencity
File : 12.pdf
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