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Usaha identifikasi daerah fungsional: --- protein ktivator quta dalam Aspergilus nidulans
Pengarang : Kuswandi
Jurnal : Majalah Farmasi Indonesia 1992, III(4)
Tahun : 1992
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRACT
The aim of this project was to discover the relationship between the phenotype of qutA mutants and the site of mutations, and thus correlate the possible relation between regions of QUTA protein and their function.
The first approach was by transformation using vectors carrying partial deletions of the QUTA gene. Initial experiment using the recessive mutant qutA303 has provisionally identified the site of mutation in the coding sequence. However the low rates of transformation observed require that this result is confirmed.
Another approach to the aim of identifying functional domains in the QUTA gene by in vitro mutagenesis has been started. It is necessary to first create a suitable recipient strain for such experiments. A suitable vector has been constructed to enable the isolation of a full deletion of the QUTA gene by a two-step gene displacement strategy. The vector was transformed into gutA303;pyrGEI9 strain and yielded 52 transformed strains. Southern blot analysis indicated that the required strain is not amongst twenty three of the strains tested_ We hope to find the required strain in the rest of the transformed strains. Another deletion vector has been designed should it be required. Keywords: Protein activator, QUTA, Aspergilus nidulans.
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