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Pengarang : Rossie W. NAlqadrie, Sudarmadji , Tukidal Yunianto
Jurnal : Teknosains 2000, XIII(2)
Tahun : 2000
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRACT
An alternative raw water resource used to fulfill freshwater need in Pontianak Municipality is the organic colored water (locally known as peat water). The main problem using peat water is its low-pH, brownish in color, high organic content, high iron (Fe) content, and turbidity. One of the efforts to decrease these drawbacks is to treat the peat water using coagulants (natural coagulant and supplement coagulant, i.e. kelor seeds, clay and lime). The treatment is based on coagulation-flocculation process.
The aims of peat water treatment using the coagulant, are ; (1) to determine precisely coagulant concentrations for, changing the peat water into freshwater, (2) to identify the use of coagulant kelor seeds, clay, and lime in peat water treatment.
Peat water treatment used coagulant concentrations of kelor seeds, clay, and lime, as follows 5 g/L, 7,5 g/L, and 10 g/L kelor seeds; 1 g/L and 3 g/L day; 1 g/L, 3 g/L, and 5 g/L lime. The samples were taken from three canals, they were primary canal, secondary canal, and tertiary canal. Parameters studied in this research were pH, color, turbidity, organic content, and iron (Fe) content. In order to know the result of the treatment, comparison was made between the raw water (as a control) and the treated one based on Clean Water Quality Standard Category B.
It was found that the pH, color, turbidity, organic, and iron (Fe) contents decreased with coagulant concentration : 7,5 g/L kelor seeds, 1 g/L clay, and 3 g/L lime and 7,5 g/L kelor seeds, 1 g/L clay, and 5 g/L lime. Moreover, the decrease in color was 94,5%-95,1%, turbidity 81,4%-92,5%, and iron content 84-93,5%. It was also found that the decrease of organic content was not significant, because it was lower than Clean Water Quality Standard Category B requirement.

Key words : Peat water, coagulation-flocculation, coagulant and Clean Water Quality Standard Category B.
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