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Perancangan Alat pengering Krupuk Semi Mekanis Setalah Perebusan
Pengarang : Agus Suryandono, Ibnu Wahid Fakhrudin Aziz, Atris Suyantohadi
Jurnal : Warta Pengabdian 1999, IV(11)
Tahun : 1999
Summary / Kata Kunci : Krupuk", a delicacy made of cassava and wheat and spice dough and popular variuos food is widely consumed by most Indonesian societies. The demand continously rises due to its cheapness and ease to buy. In fact, the product from the krupuk industry centre will always be absorbed by local markets.
Constrains faced by krupuk industrial side come from drying process that is currently done manually by spreading materials out on 2 x 4 square meters bamboo tray. This type of drying, of course, depends mainly on the climate conditions and partly on other factors disturbing krupuk production such as ununiformity, wide drying shed demand, difficulties in controlling process, labour intensive requirement, less ergonomical process and low quality achievement. At too high moisture content, slicing process will hardly be able to operate and some fipigi and other micros will appear on most part of raw materials and this will lead to imposibility of operating further processes and this means losses and wastes.
This activity is aimed to overcome the mentioned constrains through developing semi mechanical dryer that will have a governed capacity, controlable holding parameters, high heat utilization factor and uniform and high quality output. From the conducted test experiments, at a certain capacity, drying rate, climatic independence, functional and structural consideration and ergonomy evaluation, the dryer designed provides a high productivity improvement. Financially, a proper dryer introduction is achieved with respect to the analysis on the evaluation of economic parameters up to profit orientation. A high socio acceptability of dryer implementation has been approved.
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