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Efek KKN Pada Intensi Prososial Dan Taraf Kecemasan Komunikasi Interpersonal mahasiswa(Management and Development centre for Student Service Community Service Institution Gadjah Mada University)
Pengarang : Sudardjo
Jurnal : Warta Pengabdian 1999, IV(11)
Tahun : 1999
Summary / Kata Kunci : This study aims to find the effect of KKN UGM on prosocial intention and the level of interpersonal communication anxiety among the Gadjah Mada University students. In other words Is there the difference between the students who have experienced KKN and the students who have not?"
On the purpose of the KKN is to develop the student's personality. It is expected that KKN would enhance their social sensitivity. Social sensitivity could be understood through prosocial intention. On other hand it is predicted that some of the students will experience excessive anxiety when they are in a specific social situation.
If KKN could be assumed as an interaction indicator between students and residents, it is predicted that student will have experience in order to enhance their prosocial intention and decrease their interpersonal communication anxiety level.
Prosocial intention scale and an Inter personal communication anxiety scale were used to collect the data. One Way Anova was used to analyze these collect data. Subjects research included 140 students who have experienced KKN and 140 the students who have not.
The analyze result revealed that there was no difference of prosocial intention between the two group subject, with F value was 0,559 and F prob. was 0,455. Moreover, there was difference of interpersonal communication anxiety level that two groups subject, with F value was 6,854 and F prob. was 0,009. It was also found that there was the significant difference of inter-personal communication anxiety level between science group student and arts group student, with F value was 4,04 and F prob. was 0,045.

key words: treatment, social sensitivity, prosocial intention, inter-personal communication anxiety
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