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Reaksi Pasar Modal Indonesia Terhadap Peristiwa Politik Dalam Negeri (Event Study pada Peristiwa 27 Juli 1996)
Pengarang : Marwan Asri Suryawijaya, Faizal Ariel Setiawan
Jurnal : Kelola 1998, VII(18)
Tahun : 1998
Summary / Kata Kunci : The purpose of this study is to analyze stock price reaction to a domestic political event—in this case, clashes over a political party's head office on July 27, 1996. Using 37 stocks in Jakarta Stock Exchange, this research explored the issue by applying two methods of analysis: the event study methodology for analyzing the market reactions, and the analysis of statistical differences caused by the event (i.e. the difference between two means methods used to explore market activity). The results show abnormal returns for two days of the event period. Further, the study found some significant differences in the trading volume activities between pre and post event day.

Keywords: political risk; capital market; Indonesia; Jakarta Stock Exchange
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