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Hubungan Kualitas Perawatan Kehamilan dan Kualitas Pertolongan Persalinan dengan Kematian Maternal di Kabupaten Klaten
Pengarang : Endang Suwanti Djauhar Ismail, Sri Supar Yati Soenarto
Jurnal : Berita kedokteran masyarakat 2002, XVIII(4)
Tahun : 2002
Summary / Kata Kunci : Background: The Maternal Mortality Rate in Indonesia is still high. One of the efforts to reduce maternal mortality is giving a good quality of antenatal care Ind Labor service. Objective: This study was aimed to examine the relationship between quality of antenatal care and quality of labor service with the maternal mortality in Klaten District. Antenatal Care includes 4 times visited to health provider and antenatal care standard with "5T" (blood pressure, fundal height, weight, tetanus toxoid, iron tablets) whereas quality of labor service includes services by the health provider, using "3 cleans standard" (hand, place, and instruments) using partograf and apply management of the third stage of labor stage actively.
Method: This was a case control study. The subjects of the study were mothers who died during perinatal period (as cases) and as control group were mothers who gave labor safely during period of January 1999 – December 2000. Age, parity and residence of two groups were matched, univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistical tests were applied Result: A significant relationship between the quality of labor service and the maternal mortality (p=0,001 with OR 74,999), also the complication of labor (p=0,003 with OR 50,694) were found. However the relationship between quality of antenatal care with maternal mortality was not significant (p=0,106 with OR 10,600) as well as spacing of labor with maternal mortality (p=0,418 with OR-2,477).
Conclusion: There was a significant relationship between the quality of labor service and the complication of labor in maternal mortality. Whereas the quality of ANC spacing of labor with maternal mortality did not show a significant relationship.

Keywords: Antenatal care, service of labor, maternal mortality
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