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Hubungan dukungan sosial dengan tingkat depresi pasien yang menjalani terapi hemodialisis
Pengarang : Asri P., Marthan, Mariyono SW, Purwanta
Jurnal : Jurnal Ilmu Keperawatan 2006, I(2)
Tahun : 2006
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRACT
Background: It was recorded that there were 130 patients undergoing a routine hemodialysis therapy in RS DR. Sardjito Yogyakarta with various length of therapy. For patients with a chronic renal failure, hemodialysis will prevent fatality however it does not recover or cure renal disease and is unable in balancing the loss of metabolic activities which are also impacts of renal failure and its therapy for patient's live quality. Social support is important for patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy, because social relationship could influence behavior and, in turn, behavior contributes to desirable health result. Social support will give positive influences either to physical as well as psychological prosperities and grow a hoping so that encourage the ability to defense or reduce the stress which in turn reduce depression.
Objective: This study is purposed to identify the correlation between social support and depression rate of patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy.
Method: The type of this study is non-experimental and of a correlational type. The research was conducted at RS DR. Sardjito Yogyakarta with research subject of patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy. The instrument used was Social Support Questionnaire by Sarason, translated from The Social Support Questionnaire and Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), to measure depression rate. The data collected was then analyzed using Pearson Product Moment.
Result: The analysis of social support and depression rate of patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy showed that thirty patients (93.75%) have a social support of a high category, the most respondents who have a social support sourced from primary source and primary-secondary sources were twelve patients (37.5%), a big number of patients who have social support such as social support of appreciation, material, information, and emotion was 21 persons (65.6%). The correlation coefficient resulted from the two variables was r=-0.512 with significance level of p = 0.03.
Conclusion: There is a negative correlation between social support and depression rate of patients undergoing hemodialysis therapy.

Key words: social support, depression rate, hemodialysis
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