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Judul :
Pengarang : Agustinus Supriyanto
Jurnal : Mimbar Hukum 2006, XVIII(3)
Tahun : 2006
Summary / Kata Kunci : Agustinus Supriyanto
The Holy See is different from the Vatican. The Vatican is a state, 1.thereas the Holy See is the central governing institution of the Catholic Church. The position of the Holy Sec is in the Vatican State.
The international status of the Holy See is very unique. It is a sui generis subject of international law. Although it is not a state, it enjoys international recognition. Its diplomacy consists of intern and extern aspect. The intern aspect of its diplomacy is that of church interest. The extern aspect is that of diplomacy itself. It is neutral in internationally political interests. It focuses on humanitarian and moral diplomacy.

Kaki kunci : Takhta Suci, diplomasi, sui generis, subjek Hukum Internasional
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