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Bentuk Dan Kecepatan Terminalgelembung udara dalam air
Pengarang : Adam P.R. Rochmadi , Budi K
Jurnal : Forum Teknik 1999, XXIII(2)
Tahun : 1999
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRACT
One of wastewater treatment processes is aeration. Forms of aeration ponds or tanks can be not simple especially when the available space dictates the designer to a certain form and size. To evaluate the performance of the aeration ponds mathematical models may be used as the prediction or evaluation tools. Before developing a mathematical model for those purposes the dynamic of aeration process must be understood This needs studies of air bubble dynamics and oxygen exchange that are involved in the process. This study is addressed to the understanding of the dynamics of individual bubble forms and their terminal velocities relative to the water caused by buoyancy.
The study was done in both a 9 cm diameter cylindrical glass column and a 30 x 30 cm2 rectangular column. Measurement was done visually by a high speed shutter camera and a video camera recorder. The first was mainly used to record bubble forms and the second was used to measure bubble velocities. Bubble velocities were also measured by slow camera shoots accompanied with computer controlled strobe lighting system. Scanner, video capture devices and image analysis softwares were used in the data analysis process.
There are several conclusions drawn from the study as follows; the equation for bubble form dynamics is = 1.4093 ln(dh) where is the vertical diameter and dh is the horizontal diameter. For bubbles with diameter less than 2 mm, the rising bubble velocity increase with its diameter according to this relationship uh = 0.1345 ln(de) + 0.859 where ub is the vertical terminal velocity, and de is the equivalent diameter. For greater diameter the velocity is constant, ub = 0,2475 m/s.
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