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PENGARUH JUMLAH SUDU RODA JALAN TERHADAP UNJUK KERJA TURBIN ALIRAN SILANG = The Effect of Runner Blade quantity on the Performance of Cross-Flow Turbine
Pengarang : Winardil, Harwin Saptoadi, Subarmono
Jurnal : Teknosains 2004, XVII(2)
Tahun : 2004
Summary / Kata Kunci : ABSTRACT
Design and fabrication of a cross-flow turbine runner have an impact on its performance. This research was intended to identify the effect of the number of blades on the cross-flow turbine performance. Hopefully, the results would be fruitful for science, particularly for those investigation of the cross-flow turbine issues and the micro-hydro subjects in choosing the right number of blades.
This research was carried out experimentally by on five runners with 110 mm in diameter and 84 mm in width and the number of blades were 13, 18, 23, 28, and 33. It was run under small-scale micro-hydro power station with a head of 5.48 m. The rate of discharges employed in this research were 4 L/s,
5 L/s, and 6 L/s. The runner rotation was measured with a tachometer, and a multi-meter measured the output power.
The results showed that increasing the number of blades showed better performance, but after a certain number of blades, it would gradually getting worse. The tests with discharges of 4 and 5 L/s produced the highest rotation of the runner with 33 blades, while for the discharge of 6 L/s, it was obtained by the runner with 28 blades. The greatest power output of the generator was produceed by the runner with 33 blades : 10.17 W under 4 L/s of discharge and 34,234 W under 5 L/s, while under
6 L/s of discharge the runner with 28 blades gave the greatest power output of 58.422 W. The highest efficiency of 5.55 % was found under 4 L/s of discharge and of 15.27 % under 5 L/s of discharge obtained by the runner with 33 blades. For the discharge of 6 L/s the highest efficiency of 22.31 % was obtained by the runner with 28 blades.

Keywords : Number of runner blade, Discharge, Rotation, Output power, Efficiency
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